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You Get (Exactly) What You Pay For

With a cruise or a group tour, it's simple.  Everyone gets the same treatment, so the company's costs are predictable and can be published in advance.  Set the price, mail the glossy catalogs, take orders til full.  Lovely.  But that's not how we do things. 


If you dig into our trip listings, you will notice that the prices say, "From $XXX dollars for a family of four."  We don't mean to be vague, and we're certainly not trying to lure you in before giving you the real price.  We Trip Listingdespise that sort of nonsense as much as you do.  The problem is, we can't calculate the actual cost of your trip until we know you better. So these prices are educated guesses based on averages. 


Everybody's Different

Our trips are completely personalized.  (Isn't that how it should be?)  Prices for the same RV, hotel, campground, or activity can vary hugely, depending upon when you travel and with whom.  We literally never sell the same trip twice.  So we prepare an individual Trip Proposal for every customer. 


After we work with you to understand your needs, we work up a custom itinerary that defines exactly what needs to be purchased for each day of your trip.  Our humongous database crunches through every service and calculates the price, taking into account exact dates, number and ages of participants, seasonal price breaks, even things like RV length and diet choices.  Then we tally all those costs and add on our service fee. The sum of those numbers is what you pay.  Right to the penny. 


Your Package Price Includes:

  • The retail price of all your trip's components (prices below are rough averages):
  1. First-night hotel - one or more rooms for one or more nights.  $190/night
  2. RV rental - including housekeeping kits, mileage package (if required), and accessories like camping chairs.  $175-$375/night
  3. Campsites - hand-picked sites at a mix of public and private campgrounds.  $50/night
  4. Activities - just about anything is possible, from museum admission to rock-climbing instruction.  $20-$500/person per activity
  • Tracks & Trails service fee - $185/night. There are no shortcuts to what we do. If you started out trying to plan an RV trip yourself, you understand. Between now and the time you arrive happily back home at the end of your adventure, our crew will have spent between 25 and 40 hours working on your arrangments. On an hourly basis, it's probably less than you pay your auto mechanic.

    Here's what we will be doing to earn your respect and your money: 
  1. Helping you choose the perfect itinerary based on your schedule, interests, and budget.
  2. Recommending activities that perfectly match your style.
  3. Finding the right RV (there are many, many ways to mess this one up for DIY'ers). 
  4. Reserving and paying for the best hotels, campsites, and excursions. (We know the good from the bad from the ugly.)
  5. Culling through our 20 years of hard-earned National Park RV wisdom and pouring exactly what you need into the personalized itinerary in your Adventure Kit.
  6. Assembling that huge Adventure Kit binder and shipping it to your door.  This roadtrip "Bible" (our customers' words, not ours) organizes all the details and helps you stay on track once you're on the road. 


Each of these tasks require specialized know-how. Let's just take a quick peek under the hood of #4. Making reservations for all the bits and pieces of your trip is a surprisingly big job. Just ask Lisa, who is responsible for making sure that when you show up for your raft trip, they know exactly who you are.  For a typical 10-night vacation, we will make reservations with about 15 different companies.  Don't be surprised if we get in touch with you to ask for your heights, weights, shoe sizes, or sandwich preferences to pass along to one of your guides.


Some folks think we're expensive. Many of our long-time customers say we should charge more. We know our service isn't for everyone.  But if your dream is to take a comfortable camping trip to visit the National Parks with your family, and you want everything to be as perfect as it can possibly be, you have found the right people for the job. When you're ready to talk to one of our Trip Consultants, just give us a call (look for the eagle at the top of the page) or fill out a Contact Form and we'll get back to you right away. 


Not Included:

  • Airfare to/from the city where your trip begins and ends
  • Fuel for the RV
  • Excess RV mileage
  • Meals, groceries, souvenirs
  • Park entrance fees
  • Admission to non-prepaid attractions