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Our People

What do we love?  Long drives into the sunset.  Short hikes to thundering waterfalls.  Secluded campsites with heart-stopping views.  Night skies so dark the Milky Way looks like a freeway.  Yes - we do get around.  Rest assured that if it's in one of our itineraries, we've been there.  This happy crew of National Park road trip junkies has more road and trail miles under its belt than most of us like to admit.  But the West is in our blood and we can't get enough of it.  And getting to share these places that we love with other nice people every day, well...  We can hardly wait to get to work in the morning.  (OK - there are some days...)


The whole gang at Arches NP


Wanderlust is definitely a prerequisite for employment with Tracks & Trails. We get out there and get the real scoop on roads, trails, campgrounds, and restaurants. We also keep tabs on what's new from our network of people who live and work in the places you'll visit. We read everything we can get our hands on: brochures, magazines, blogs, websites. And we get lots of great ideas and feedback from our clients. All of this knowledge goes into each Tracks & Trails Western Driving Adventure, making every trip an incredible journey.


So check out a few of our pretty faces, learn what we do here at Tracks & Trails, then click through to read what each of us has written for the T&T Blog.

Dan Wulfman & Sheri Ballard - Tracks & Trails Founders

Dan & SheriFrom the start nearly 15 years ago, Sheri and I have been 50/50 partners in Tracks & Trails.  We each gravitate naturally to different areas of the business, which has probably helped keep us together for 20 years.  I handle finance, sales & marketing, operations, and the technology stuff while Sheri looks after the product, crafting new itineraries, documenting all the details for our website and Adventure Kits, and researching new activities and attractions.  One thing we do collaborate on is raising our super-awesome sons, Chase and Gabe, and spending at least a month on the road with them every summer. 

Nancy Kendrick - Creator of Fabulous Itineraries and Trip Consultant

Nancy KendrickLike most others on our staff, Nancy wears a couple of very important hats.  While you may work with her as your Trip Consultant, she also builds the vast majority of itineraries for clients that work with our other Trip Consultants. 


Lisa Carroll - Trip Consultant and Reservations Guru

LisaBesides helping many of our cutomers plan the perfect trip, Lisa is responsible for making most of the reservations for our clients' itineraries.  It's a big job, but Lisa is a maestro with our reservations system and keeps all the details straight.