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"We loved every aspect of this trip. It created wonderful memories and we are so glad we used Tracks & Trails. By using T&T we were able to sit back and enjoy the adventure without worrying about the details. All of the choices that were made were clearly well thought out-since they were all great!"

- The Brot Family

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MEMORIES December 2012

I tend to get reflective at this time of year.  As colder weather sets in here in Colorado, I start reminiscing about the year's adventures.  Recently, I was searching for the perfect photo to accompany an article I was co-authoring for a magazine, and before I knew it I was browsing through my photos from recent trips with a big grin on my face.  Something as simple as a whiff of a wood smoke or a song on the radio can take me back. 


Paddling in BC, CanadaEvery year, we buy a $10 permit from the local Forest Service office and drive out to a designated tree cutting area to hunt for the perfect specimen.  Problem is, out here on the Western Slope of Colorado it's sagebrush, not Scotch Pine, so there are no perfect specimens.  Ultimately we settle for some homely little Charlie Brown pinyon pine and gather 'round for a sip of hot chocolate in its honor before cutting it down and hauling it home.  Tramping around in the snow among all these little trees somehow reminded me of paddling along the forested shoreline of a stunningly beautiful lake in British Columbia, Canada this summer, surrounded by this little tree's much more impressive cousins. 


CampfireWe spent Thanksgiving this year with friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico and kept a fire of spicy pinyon pine burning in the fireplace all weekend.  Gazing into the fire, I couldn't help recalling sitting by a campfire with my family beside a stream just outside Canyonlands National Park earlier in the year.  We roasted marshmallows over the fragrant embers before climbing into our sleeping bags beneath the stars.


Saguaro cactusTaking the kids to school just the other day, the radio station played AC-DC's "Highway to Hell".  We all knew that they were talking about what happened to us in Arizona.  A leisurely mountain bike ride 50 miles from nowhere went bad when Sheri fell and sliced her ankle nearly to the bone.  Our vehicle got a flat on the rough road back to civilization, and she hitched a ride to the ER while the kids and I stayed behind and changed the tire.  On our way out it started to rain.  The sun came out again as we hit the paved road and sped to the hospital.  In spite of our concern about Mom's condition, the three of us broke into a quiet rendition of the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."  We always do.

I hope that your travels throughout the year have provided you with some great memories, too -- and that most of them are positive.  On behalf of everyone here at Tracks & Trails, I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a New Year full of travel and adventure that you will think about for years to come. 


Dan Wulfman
Founder and President