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Dead Horse Point State Park

Once you get past the name, this park can show you some amazing views from high above the Colorado River.  The main feature of Dead Horse Point is the large point that extends from the mesa outward into the river canyon.  It forms a natural place to corral wild horses, and this is where the park name comes from.  The neck of the point is only 30 yards across, and the sides drop off too steeply for any escape.

Unfortunately, the cowboys who herded the horses here weren't always that careful about letting them go once they had picked through the herd. Left on the point, they died of thirst in the Utah heat.


But today, it gives visitors a fantastic spot to look down over the river and the nearby Canyonlands National Park. From 2,000 feet up, you can see for miles and get some unique panoramic photos of canyon county beauty.


Though the view from several look-out points is the main reason for coming to visit Dead Horse Point, there are more active things to do too. Hiking and biking will keep you busy for a while, or we could get you an ATV and let you cruise around the back-road trails.


There are also official geocaches inside the park waiting to be found by anyone with a GPS. If you're not familiar with geocaching, they can explain the game at the visitor’s center and even loan you a GPS unit. There’s nothing like hunting for a little treasure to liven up a canyon hike!


You can camp or park an RV here, but make sure to bring plenty of water with you. Supplies of drinking water are limited within the park. 


Quick Facts:

--- Dead Horse Point State Park has a lot of similarities to the landscape of the Grand Canyon, so much so that this park was used in place of the Grand Canyon for the film “Thelma and Louise”!

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Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

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Southwest Colorado's Mountains and Utah's Canyon Country

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